How do you measure success when you send your message out to the world? Here are some thoughts from my guest contributor, Ann Hofmans;

Far too often online advertisements and channels are judged merely on their performance in clicks. Clicks however reveal only part of the impact of your online advertisement.

The full effect of your online advertising goes way beyond the number of times it was shown (impressions) and the number of times viewers clicked on it.

To understand the real power of your banner or your published article, you need to go back to the basic principles of marketing where the increase in sales income is directly linked to how the buyer has learnt to recall your brand or your product and understand their strengths.

This is a relatively lengthy process which starts at a specific point in the past where the buyer first saw your brand or your product promotion, while consuming one of the many communication channels used: a news publication, a chat with a business associate, a business website, …

This milestone was followed by any given number of moments where the buyer was confronted with your brand, your product, its unique features, its strengths, its successes,… . Each of these moments left an impression of your brand/product which affected the buyer’s memory of your name.

Finally came the moment where this process was crossed by another: the buyer’s intention to find a solution for a specific business problem, to develop his business onto a new path, to improve/upgrade a current procedure. We buy a product to fulfil a specific need. The buyer uses his/her memory bank of brands/products to decide which product he/she will purchase.

At any time during this process the buyer could have chosen to disconnect with your brand and shed the recollection, or to correlate your brand to a negative memory.

The marketeer’s challenge is to cater these moments of exposure to your brand within a positive context: a communication channel that targets the right people for your product and that is bestowed with authority, trust and honesty by its audience.

Thank you Ann. Ann Hofmans is General Manager at

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