A US Airforce forklift delivering cargo to a C-17 Globemaster III

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Should you participate?
About 4x times each year Forkliftaction researches and then writes a feature article about a sector of the industry. These features have a read rate of 6 to 8 times that of ordinary articles and, believe me, they are;

  • The very best way to send your message out to the world.
  • Archived and used as a reference and by researchers for years to come.
  • The best platform for you to show that you and your company are at the forefront of thinking.

YES Yes. Sure, if safety is in your culture or if safety is in your product or service line up, then this is the time to say so. You should be there in the next feature. Note that contributing companies are on the cutting edge, out there and adventurous. They are leaders of the industry. By nature they are not secretive and bureaucratic. They would probably make good partners for you. They will probably be the companies of the future, so be there and you might attract your new partners of the future.

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Interesting people we meet:

Rodolfo Slobotzky- Mexico – we exchanged emails recently. Rolf reports;”…. I am out of the lift truck mafia since 2010. As nobody retired me I retired myself but with a negative salary. Having reached the age where what doesn’t hurt doesn’t function, I am suffering from the typical symptoms such as hearing, seeing, walking etc though Mr Alzheimer is not yet on my doctor’s list. Just for info………I spent 53 years in this crazy business starting with Automatic, Allis Chalmers, Yale, Mitsubishi, and  Intrupa, that is from 1946 on.
Best Regards,  Rolf”


Planning advertising for 2015 / 16;
1. At this time of year my focus is on campaigns for the rest of 2015 and into 2016. Offerings this year are discounts from 6% to 28% for volume advertising packages in the Forkliftaction News and/or website. It pays to get in early to secure best advertising spots. Repetition of your ads is very powerful and volume discounts allow repetition. We also have discounts for regional advertising eg to UK & Eire only, or Europe only or North America only.
2. We should also start thinking now for CeMat 2016 and also IMHX 2016. We will be running our usual lead up promoting your booth at CeMat and IMHX.. A small investment will allow you 7 to 10 ads in the Forkliftaction News during the lead up months. Contact me for options.

Training – I think all employers should encourage their technicians to use the Technical Forums. Why?

See the breadth and depth of topics covered, See the enormous training potential. See the problem solving opportunities for your company by clicking here.

Here are some examples of what are our experts are saying in the Technical Forums;

Posted by MrFixit 9th June….”You need to do some very basic tests instead of replacing thousands of dollars worth of parts. Test to see if it is spark, fuel, ……. Do you hear it work and see it move? If not, then that may be ,,,,,,, If not, then check the ignition 1 relay to see if it’s turning on. You have to pinpoint what system the problem is in.


Posted by Feebs on 11th June “…never change just the pins and bushes on a Toyota steer axle, always change the plate links too as in my time working at Toyota I always found that they ……….then when you tighten the pin nut it will just clamp up onto the dhaft of the pin and never tighten properly, check for this too……” and there is a lot mre there, thanks Feebs.

Posted by Forkingabout 12th June….”Power steering motor on this also releases the parking brake cylinder. You said the PAS motor is turning, is the small hydraulic pump attached to the bottom of the PAS motor working correctly?”…thankyou Forkingabout

Posted by Swoop223 on 10th June….”well if the status LED on the controller is flashing a slow steady flash there is nothing wrong with the controller itself. …It is odd though that the display is showing that error yet the controller is not showing one on it’s LED..”….thank you Swoop223.


Free …..Job Vacancies and Resumes;
The Jobs area of the Forkliftaction website is a helpful free resource. Companies and job seekers in North America have really found it to be a valuable tool. We do hope that it will grow in value in other regions………come on Europe…come on South America…This is free…… but soon to be at cost – advertise your job positions available for free.
Just go to Jobs and Resumes on the homepage of Forkliftaction.com. Or if you are looking for a job go to the same place and post your resume.


Tips – from Influencers;
I am realistic – I expect miracles.

– Wayne Dyer – Author and Speaker

Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.

– Mary Lou Retton – Gymnast and Olympic Gold Medalist

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