No one buys a Forklift unless they need one!

We buy a new shirt when we see something we like or when we need one.

Sometimes we buy chocolate when we see it on the shelf

But when it comes to forklifts etc….

No one buys a second forklift until they need a second one

No one upgrades their fleet until there is a need

Needs and opportunities drive decisions

You get the idea.


So when it comes to forklifts it is the need for “better” or the need for “change” that spurns the decision to buy.


When does that happen? When do you attract attention to your solution?


For one buyer it can be tomorrow or in six months time, perhaps 2 years or 8 years from now….but it will happen.

What a dilemma.

Not really! There are lots of needs, lots of opportunities, lots of buyers.… so there are lots of days when the decision for change is made.

So when is the right time for your message

So when should you advertise?

The art is to have your brand and your product on the tip of the tongue of a person who is sitting in the board room when the need for better or the need for change is being considered.


How do you do that…see my next blog…scroll down


My next blog

It’s a busy life. Especially busy if you are a manager, a decision maker, a Business development person.

When do these people stop and reflect and ground themselves, check out the direction they are taking their business to?

Think about it! When do they do it?

I used to think of them doing it while they are sitting, first class in some aeroplane. Perhaps they have two hours to contemplate, think through the dynamics, presentation and ramifications of the critical things on their mind, or check out trends and their competition. That is why they always have those beautiful glossy magazines in the first class seats. It’s an expensive place to advertise but I am sure it must work, because Rolex always advertises there and so does TAG Heuer and Elon Musk.

In our industry, decision makers set aside 0900hrs Thursday mornings, all around the world, to stop, read the Forkliftaction News and contemplate. They take those contemplations to the weekly management meetings and then to the board meetings.

For 22 years Forkliftaction has strategically aimed the worlds First Class Forkliftaction News to land at 0900hrs in each global time zone, on the desk and mobile phone of nearly every decision maker in our industry. Think about it!

For many thousands of Decision Makers, 0900hrs Thursday is now a ritual.

You can advertise there…it’s not only cheaper, but it hits more decision makers and gets better results than any glossy aeroplane mag.

…and it is these decision makers who are in the Management Meetings and the Board Rooms when the need for “better”  and the need for “change” are being considered.

So…the answer…keep your message ticking over in front of these people.

Contact me and I will help you do it… 

Mobile Ph: +61 419 535 635

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