Forkliftaction.com has been an excellent source of potential customers for Hamre Equipment Co.We have been using them to advertise large container handling equipment now for several years and we receive regular enquiries for our inventory from Forklift Action. The people are great to work with, the service is very good and they go out of their way to assist with your needs. I have found it to be the best overall access to the market worldwide for large capacity machines and container handling equipment.

Lee Hamre

Hamre Equipment Inc, USA

Keep up the good work with the forkliftaction.com website.  It has filled a void for years now that was, without question, definitely needed for the industry.

Frank V. Mariani

Forkliftaction.com keeps us informed and up to date on the latest industry news and releases. The forum discussioons serve as a great place for those in the industry to stay connected while sharing knowledge with their peers.

Pam Jones

Flight System Industrial Projects, USA

We like doing business with Forkliftaction.com because these people understand their business. With their professionalism, we can reach out to a lot of new customers and keep the logistics market informed of our products.

Folkert De Graff

MSE-Forks, The Netherlands

Forkliftaction.com provides a professional and influential platform for our products’ propagation and brand escalation… One world, one dream, all in forkliftaction.com


Hangzhou Benfing Forklift Seat, China

We really appreciate the professionalism of the Forkliftaction staff. It is fun to work with them. The results are excellent and we are really looking forward to the next ten years of cooperation.

Anne Bremer


That is what is so great about the internet and these forums. There is  a plethora of knowledge out there, it is just finding the people who have it. I would imagine there are a lot of very sharp forklift mechanics on here and it is nice they share their knowledge with those of us who are more a novice than a professional 🙂
Rockrancher - Discussion Forum user

Small Business owner & Hobby Farmer - Montana, USA

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