This article updated  30 March 2017 (some figures are now higher than shown but are still indicatively correct) 

Fact: At February 2017 Forkliftaction has a focused global registered readership of 67,385 +.

Readership coverage: Your Media  Release (See examples at this link.) ;

  • Would run in the News on a Thursday and would be delivered to over 64,000 people focused on the Forklift Industry (over 6,000 of those are in the UK and Ireland or 18,000 in Europe; 3,100 in Canada and 25,000 in the USA),
  • It would be picked up by search engines and company intranets and be seen by another 180,000
  • Which is approximately 15,390 people from UK and Ireland or 45,000 from Europe; 7,800 in Canada and 63,000 in the USA.
  • It would then be shown on the homepage of the website for seven days (about 19,000 people visits per day so, over a whole week that calculates to 133,000 people (of which approximately 11,300 would come from the UK and Ireland or 33,250 from Europe; 5,800 from Canada and 46,500 from the USA).

So that is the coverage of just one Media Release for one week.

  • Discount multiplier effect: Forkliftaction offers volume discounts as well as discounts for repeats of the same article and this multiplies that power and coverage for a reduced unit cost.The cost of a 12 week package attracts a 16% discount. So for a low price you could have your promotion constantly in the Forkliftaction News and on the Forkliftaction website, focused on your regional target readers for 12 weeks (3 months straight) or each second week for 6 months.
  • To keep your investment working for 4 years: …and to give your company 24/7 exposure you could add to all of this exposure by having a Shopfront on the Forkliftaction website because all of your Company Announcements (Media Releases in this instance) would then be linked to your Shopfront and remain searchable 24/7 and working for you for about 4 years. You could expect to attract more than 600 persons to visit your website each year from this exposure alone.

Can we do something like this for you? If you let me know what sort of budget you could allocate to your promotion I will suggest a plan to give you best coverage.

Photos: “Split Door” courtesy of Manitex Liftking

Other photos by Rodger Lamb

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