Do you get internet scammers?

In our industry it appears that most internet scammers focus on the used machine sales sector. Common ploy is to transfer surplus fake money and get you to send the machine or get you to refund in real money.

Very unpleasant business. Generally they use free type email accounts; they do not have a website. When questioned, it is generally still under construction. They generally do not answer their telephone number. They do come from all over the world but most seem to live in Nigeria or the UAE.

I think, the best position I have seen is the non-interest approach. As one of my clients responded to me only recently “If we don’t get a company profile, we do nothing. Sorry for that but we invest our time in other concrete projects.”

It is hard to weed out the scammers from newbie start-ups but I regularly intercept enquiries fitting the above description and respond with something like ” Sorry we cannot help. You need to build a good company profile so the industry can easily see and check that your business is reputable. We think that you need to build a website and it should clearly state your business credentials, Government business number, street and postal address, contact persons, phone numbers and emails etc. It should contain a history of your company achievements and business interests. It should contain testimonials from companies that you have done business with and those testimonials should have contact details that can be easily checked and verified.”

As a friend said “That reply should settle them down, or at least get the creative scammers into a spin”.

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