Got an idea?

Then…you might be interested to know that at least 3,666 Design Engineers from many significant OEMs and companies across the industry have signed themselves up to get the Forkliftaction News each week.

I thought you may be interested in that fact because they are the “Influencers”… the advisors who influence the Decision Makers.

If you have a product, a service or a manufacturing capability that you want OEMs  or After Market companies, or End User companies to consider, these are the people who influence decisions about their company requirements and they are the ones you have to pitch to.

I would be pleased to help you do that.


  1. That figure excludes Technicians and Service Engineers. It includes a predominance of Design Engineers and descriptive appointment titles of eminent Engineers in significant appointments within hundreds of large influential companies in our industry. Appointment titles like Senior Project Engineer, Director of Engineering, General Manager Engineering Services, Snr Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer Manager etc etc Many are working for the industries largest OEMs…. and the list goes on.
  2. It is only an “at least” number, because many people do not declare their appointment title when they sign up.

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