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What Does and Does Not Work in Promotions to the Materials Handling Industries
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Need to List Your Used Machines for Sale or Rent?

Talk to me as we have some excellent intro packages and also see the “For Dealers” page

Staff Promotions and New Appointments?

Talk to me, if you have executive changes. We have a free “Movers and Shakers” column. It is great for your staff to see their name up in lights and we can get your company some free exposure.

Want to Offer Your New Machines to People Who Are Looking for Used Machines?

Talk to me as we can certainly fit them into the Marketplace listings!

Promoting Your Booth at an Exhibition

In the weeks leading up to major exhibitions Forkliftaction usually runs a group ad. These are very good value. An inexpensive way to get your Logo, name, booth number and a short message to a large focused readership for about 7 weeks in a row. Forkliftaction runs a Media Release type ad every week (plenty of repetition) and amortises the advertising costs by including a number of advertisers in the one ad.

We can always build on that for you.

If You Need to Build Your Dealership or Sell Your Business

This is a time for bold statements. We have the place for short, sharp statements right up amongst the News which the decision makers devour. Text ads that never fail, but they need to be repeated. Run them once and you lay the seed; twice and you will get a bite from the tyre (tire) kickers; five times and you will have the heavy players calling you.

Make the Most of Your PR With PR Packages

Perhaps you have an energetic PR machine or perhaps you do it all yourself (and seldom get opportunities or time for PR). In both cases, best use needs to be made of every opportunity and, when you get it, PR needs to be carried, in a trusted format, to the correct decision makers and also to the persons who advise the decision makers.

I can show you cheap packages to publish your PR automatically, as Media Releases (Announcements) with all your contact details, promotional words, photos, videos and logos and for them to be repeated three more times.

Promote Your Brand and Products 24/7

Here are two Shopfronts Cat Lift Trucks – Netherlands  and Keytroller – USA

With about 27,000 people coming to the Forkliftaction website each day, something like this will be very good for you.

Stats show that people spend a good deal of time visiting about 21 pages each visit and they return about 3 times a month. They are focused on solving their Material Handling needs and they are loyal…..that is, they view as a reliable authoritative source of information.

Your Shopfront would be seeded with all your search keywords. It would carry all of your contact details, some photographs, a video if you have one on YouTube, and a news update section to announce your next function, release, agency or results etc

There is also an option for a Premium Shopfront which gives you all the benefits of a Basic Shopfront plus it;

  • makes your company Shopfront appear in every country of the world that you support,
  • includes a special promotion on the front page of our website, and
  • links any videos you have on YouTube.

These Shopfronts are visual, brief and loaded with links to draw your target people to your own website.

I think one of the keys to building prestige in the industry is to be seen, shoulder to shoulder, among the leaders of the industry and with 22,000 industry people visiting each day, I cannot see a better place to do that.

Top Button Advertising

Top Button Advertising is Forkliftaction’s most prominent ad spot and also the most expensive advertising position. Top Buttons are sold in blocks of 25 and 50 weeks and existing clients are given first right of refusal to renew. The position is powerful and ensures that your branding and message cannot be missed. These ads ensure also that your brand reflects success, reliability, permanence and that your company is a leader in the industry. They are extremely powerful and very good value as your Button is placed at the top of every News Edition and also on the News pages of the Forkliftaction website and each button shares (on rotation) a premium position in the online News story pages.

All five spots are generally booked well ahead. If you wish to book such space then please show your interest and I will let you know when an opportunity arises.

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