The “Head’s Up” emails that I have been sending out recently are getting a lot of “opens” and I am humbled that they attract more response than expected. Thank you and let me tell you why I do it and what I am hoping to achieve, with your help.

Of course, you do not all advertise on Forkliftaction (if you all did I could go fishing more often), but I need to thank all my readers because you bring all the strands together…all the interests, authorities and talents together that are necessary to nurture seedling ideas and grow good business.

I guess there are a lot of people too young to remember Neil Diamond’s famous song line in “Hot August Night” when he thanked the “Pays”…the paying audience and he used the words “tree people”….”Tree People I love you” he greeted. Me too, thank you the “pays” and thank you “tree people”.

Thank you to my client advertisers and thank you I love those who influence the future of the industry…the people who are passionate for our industry; the people who are the Forum followers and thinkers; the talented technicians and researchers who guide the industry newcomers and also influence the decision makers and the designers to do better, create new things; the owners and operators of small businesses in exotic countries who are hungry for information, new ideas and new technology and development; the design engineers who scour our news and writings looking for new trends, ideas and ways to do things better. Thank you all for reading my blogs and following Forkliftaction…..we will, you and me together, leave this industry a better place than when we found it.

In my “Head’s up” emails I include;

Breaking News snippets which give me an opportunity to focus on new ideas and achievements that we all need for our businesses and as well I get the opportunity to give a little more exposure to my clients who advertise on Forkliftaction. Fortunately, a lot of my readers are very influential in their industry sector and this little extra exposure can become quite meaningful.

Opportunities snippets are an opportunity to highlight things which will make or save you a heap of money.

The Planning ideas…. regularly getting your company, brand, products and services in front of the Forkliftaction readership is very important for quick and sustained growth and profit. Planning may be a bit boring but I see good promotional planning bring good results, time and time again for companies. Sure, you may succeed doing other hit and miss promotions but Forkliftaction advertising is focused on the right people and it works. I am sure that I can make your advertising simple, cost effective and take the hard work out of it for you.

Predictions – my favourite prediction of the moment…..”soon nearly every forklift will wear the SUMO Glove. This is a catalyst for change….a game changer”.


See how the SUMO Glove works. This product is my pick as the one that will take off quickly and have instant impact on profits. It will be so good in operations where there is a need to reduce product damage and insurance costs. In particular, LTL freight operators and factories or warehouses with operations where retail ready product protection is necessary, or where chemicals, bio hazard or refrigerated materials are a concern and where pedestrian safety is a current and ongoing issue.  Read more



…and, let me help you, one on one…..One of the fantastic things about my job is that I do get an understanding of who is doing what in the industry.

At times, it does become clear to me where opportunities exist and what companies would be a good fit with others in that arena.

Let me know if you need something. I may be able to help and I can do that better as I get to know your company better.


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