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Forklift Action Discussion Forums

The Forkliftaction Discussion Forums are a huge and free resource. They attract many thousands of readers and generous participants from all around the world, every day.

How Can You Use This Free Resource?

Market Research

Every company needs more market research and there is a vast resource of persons who would relish the opportunity to give their opinion.

Best Practice

Some of your operators are cowboys. Guide them to the Forums and they will see what they are doing to their machines and how they are endangering themselves and others.

Communal Knowledge

If you want to know company history or machine developmental history there are plenty of people out there who know parts of the answers.

Refer Technicians

Your technicians or spare parts people are having problems solving an issue? Guide them to the Forums.

Training Value

Very few companies have seen the training value in these Forums and that leads me to my next set of recommendations;

The Most Underutilised Resource Is the Training Value of the Forkliftaction News

Yes, lots of Managers and thousands of end users read the Forkliftaction News every week but very few have seen the training value for their staff and team. Training is such an expensive line cost in every company’s budget and Forkliftaction is a very exceptional and a free training resource.

I used to have about 800 employees in a warehouse environment and unfortunately, Forkliftaction had not then been invented. My biggest challenges were ongoing training and maintaining morale. In all organisations, whether they be private enterprise or public service, people get bored and see their daily work as repetitive, meaningless, unimaginative, wasteful etc.

We all need to be reminded of the valuable contribution of our work. A weekly dose of Forkliftaction can help us see our place in the industry as an important contribution to our nation; we can see our company’s place in creating exports and earnings, defence or agriculture. We can be reminded of the need for industrial safety. We can see new innovation being implemented. All of this inspires us to renew our work energy and be creative in our work.

Especially if management, every now and then ensures that something is written about their company, their people and their achievements (talk to me, I will help you).

Getting people to look at an electronic News service is really pretty easy nowadays. It is a free tool that is simple to use and it just needs you to push your colleagues and staff to use it better.

I would be delighted to help you encourage your staff to sign up for the free News.

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