Buying and Selling machinery is like fishing….you need the right gear and technology! you need the right place, the right bait…and you need to be smarter than the other fish….or the other fisher persons. is fantastic. Let me tell you why. But so much is improved, so let me give you the info in small doses. is extremely easy to use (after you have had a good play with it…..remember it used state of the art programming language to enhance photos and speed…just like getting a new App or a new mobile phone you must learn your way around and after you get used to it, there is no way you would go back to the older version.

The back end has been equipped with numerous intelligent systems to improve the effectiveness of the platform for both sellers and buyers.

Smart machinery sellers – “study” this, and you will make a lot more sales and more money and your admin will become less……you will have more time for fishing.

Smart buyers – “study” this, and you will have a far wider choice of machines with the best set up of specs and attachments from places closer to you, at a better price and your admin will become less…..and you won’t get caught with a sharp barbed deal.

This week….



  • latest technology
  • a complete new platform: new, fresh, uncluttered, absolutely and totally focused on the trading of machinery.
  • now off the Forkliftaction website to take advantage of the newest technology available in web development and so it can be extended beyond Forkliftaction’s News and Research focus…..but the Forkliftaction website still links and sends readers to M-onQ and visa versa.



  • Wider range of machinery:
    • aerial work platforms and industrial sweepers have been added. Vertical lifts, boom lifts (articulated or telescopic) and scissor lifts can be separated within the aerial work platforms.
    • high capacity lifters (+9000kg/18000lbs capacity) including the container handlers now have their own category
    • warehouse lifters now have their own category in which reach trucks, order pickers and articulated trucks can be separated
    • towing tractors can now be split into the smaller tow trucks and the bigger terminal tractors
    • NEW as well as USED and RENTAL
  • The buyer can now use a comprehensive set of search filters to find machines that fulfil the right requirements
  • Quick and solid contact management:
    • It is easier and faster for the buyer to make a contact about a machine listing
    • The system can track if enquiries are attended to and will send reminders so nothing gets missed
    • Sellers can manage all conversations online in your dashboard so nothing gets lost
  • Shortlist machines to review or compare later. Be alerted if the shortlisted machines get changed by the seller: price change, specs updated, listing cancelled.
  • SAVE profiles of the machines you work with or the ones you are looking for and be notified of potential leads as soon as they become available
    (Saved) ‘Machine Profiles’ also help you search successfully with one click
  • Feature up to 20 photos in your listings
  • Advertise (some of) your stock locally and/or (some of) your stock globally (eg heavy lifters vs warehouse machines / used vs new machines / attachments vs forklifts / …): the regions available now are
    • Worldwide
    • Americas (North and South)
    • Europe (includes European Russia)
    • Asia (Middle East, South, South East Asia)
    • Oceania


  • Improved stock management options:
    • Sellers can feature different sales contact persons in different (world) regions so the right person within your organization gets the enquiries
    • Let multiple colleagues manage the company’s stock: give access to multiple users to manage –all- your stock, or give multiple users access each to manage their own stock (eg one user in charge of the NEW models, another user in charge of the USED machines / give access to multiple product managers to each manage the brand they represent / multiple users manage the stock for their location / …)


  • More and instant statistics reports
  • Dealer access includes a ShopFront in both the Business Directory on as well as on (This is a fantastic feature and I will expand on the value in my next blog) will suit;

  • Smaller dealers interested in local advertising
  • Dealers of port equipment / container handlers
  • Dealers of small warehouse machines
  • Dealers specialized in aerial platforms,
  • Dealers specialized in industrial sweepers,
  • Manufacturers and Distributors of NEW equipment:
    Set up your package so that European specific models are available for European users only, their American models to American users, etc … and have different sales contacts featured for each region.


  • More local versions covering smaller regions
  • Additional languages
  • ‘Ready to Buy’ alerts: post alerts to participating dealers that you are ready to purchase a specific machine
  • SMS notification services
  • Much more …

Next Blog……Next week…..The value of duplicated Shopfronts.

Talk to me….about fishing….good bait ……..or getting set up with


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