See our interpretation of Stats terminology below, but first note, we are really aiming for something more than the stats and numbers of clicks. The real impact of good advertising and marketing is in the subliminal exposure that your advertising creates. The impact that it makes on placing your brand and product where people perceive it to be great value.

Generally we want that to be amongst the leaders in the industry.

In effect your brand needs to be seen constantly alongside the leading names of the industry and at every opportunity you need to pitch your own uniqueness and strengths when and where it will be well read and received. If you are lucky that pitch might be where the other industry leaders are not pitching and you get the opportunity to have your message heard without being “muddied” by other people’s messages.

To be seen alongside the leaders in the industry is easy (it just costs).

Occasions where you can bring notice to your uniqueness; to celebrate achievements and milestones or to give technical or futuristic comment are more occasional.

Most of these occasions will be when you have an opportunity for “press releases”. I can show you how to spin your press release information out so that it is hard hitting and repetitive.

But, the best occasions are when you have a chance to air your views in a third party forum when the other leaders miss the opportunity. Participating as contributors in Feature Editorial Articles is one way. Taking high profile advertising positions is another and there are others that arise from time to time.

I can help to provide these occasions.

Explain and show your uniqueness and you achieve returns on your investment for some considerable time to come (I can show you ways to have your promotions keep working for you for more than 4 years).

I like to see people take the opportunity to give opinion in feature articles as these opportunities give your brand and your spokesperson considerable prestige. There is a better chance to reignite enthusiasm for your product line and hopefully reignite enthusiasm for your label (be it “Made in Canada”, “Made in Germany” or insert your own label, for whatever or wherever you are located).

Over the last 14 years we have done about 171 features. See them at this link All Feature Articles


Our interpretations of Stat Terminology: 

Unique Visitors– Individuals (unique IP addresses) who visited the site during the report period. If someone visits more than once, they are counted only the first time they visit.

Visits – Number of times the visitors came to the site. If a visitor is idle longer than 30 minutes, then it is assumed that the visit was voluntarily terminated. If the visitor continues to browse your site after they reach this idle-time limit of 30 minutes, a new visit is counted.

Page Views – Hits to files designated as pages. Supporting graphics and other non-page files are not counted.

Hit – A single action on the Web server as it appears in the log file. A visitor downloading a single file is logged as a single hit, while a visitor requesting a Web page including two images registers as three hits on the server; one hit is the request for the web page, and two additional hits are requests for the downloaded image files. While the volume of hits is an indicator of Web server traffic, it is not an accurate reflection of how many pages are being looked at.

Visits Referred by Search Engines – Number of visits that began with a referral from any site classified as a search engine. We are very wary about the stats we get from Webtrends as they are not comprehensive and therefore can be very incorrect. The real number of referrals can actually be a lot higher.

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