This post updated at 17 April 2017.

Some larger companies with a lot of “fingers in a lot of pies” have invested in an energetic PR machine. Most companies do not have that financial luxury to support a PR Team and for many, the opportunity to create good PR stories seldom comes along. But, in both cases the best use needs to be made of every PR opportunity.

So, when the opportunity is there, the PR story line needs to be carried to the real decision makers and also to the persons who advise the decision makers;

  • It has to be carried in good format by a medium that people trust. Our industry trusts Forkliftaction.
  • It has to be timely. Weekly is timely; twice annually or even quarterly is not timely.
  • It has to be repeated, to get best value. Repetition is king.

Please submit all of your stories and achievements to the Editor at Forkliftaction with a copy to me. The Editor gets “first squeeze” and if he runs with it as “News”, the cost is nil.

If he does use it, or if he does not, there is still a “lot of juice” to squeeze out of your achievement and I can advise you on best options to get all of your promotional information to the decision makers.

For those who have a PR Team and submit PR regularly, please consider having all of your PR published automatically, as paid Media Releases (Announcements) with all your contact details, promotional words, photos videos and logos and for them to be repeated three more times. We have excellent rates to squeeze all of the value out of all of your submissions.

After all, the art is to have your brand; your products and services and your contact details on the tips of tongues, in the boardroom when change is about to be made.

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