Here are the Feature Editorials for 2019.

Here is a wonderful opportunity to promote your company and your brand. Here is the chance to lift and maintain your profile as experts in the field. The Forkliftaction Editorial Features are widely read and are used for many years as a research resource.

Please, do not hesitate to be involved.

Feature Editorials for 2019

  2. was published 7th March 2019

  4. now closed being published 23rd May 2019

  5. CHINESE’ MADE FORKLIFTS, 19th September 2019 and
  6. WAREHOUSE EFFICIENCY…14th November 2019, perhaps in Warehouse Efficiency we might include everything that makes warehouses ‘smarter’, more efficient. It can include narrow aisle lifters as well as safety products; managing safety of the forklift and pedestrian traffic, smart storing and stock picking,

Subject details and story line have not yet been developed, but in general terms they will be looking at an update on economy and technology; new technologies; impact on different markets; strengths and weaknesses etc. Dates for these Editorials have not been set as yet.

You can participate in developing a “story Line” with the Journalists. Any thoughts you may have as to the best timing for these subjects (perhaps leading up to exhibitions or political or cultural dates etc) is appreciated.

Each Feature Edition is run on two consecutive Thursdays and is then featured on the front page of the Forkliftaction Website for a week after each. The Features are also permanently linked and searchable on the Forkliftaction website, so they keep working for you into the future, (probably for many years).

The Features attract a wide readership and give a significant promotional benefit that is low cost but guarantees our participants have the opportunity to be seen as experts in their field. Their company will get ongoing exposure for their brand, their products and their services. All in all, extremely good value.

We do hope that you will participate as a contributor or as an advertiser and preferably both.

Participating in one of these features will do a lot to cement your company and your spokesperson as experts in the field. A small budget will allow you to participate in one feature and run 4x Media Release type ads over a four week period around the feature edition.

  • When you participate in a Feature Editorial you will get;
  1. EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTION and SPONSORSHIP MENTION: you work with our journalist in the development of this article. Your quotes that get published will be accredited to you. A great opportunity to highlight your technical and industry expertise. Your company is mentioned at the end of the article as one of the contributors, together with links to your website and advertorial. Please email me for prices.
  2. EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTION and SPONSORSHIP MENTION plus ADVERTORIAL CONTRIBUTION: you supply us with an article which we will publish in full in this same news edition. We lay out the full text, together with images, links and contact details. Please email me for prices.

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Budget time opportunities:

Your advertising budget for the coming year might include;

  • Promote your booth at an exhibition (we have an excellent discount plan),
  • 3 month intensive branding plan with discounts,
  • List your used machines on Machinery-onQ – first year promotion packs available
  • There are significant country and regional advertising discounts,
  • ..also significant volume advertising discounts, and
  • Editorial Feature packages.

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