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27,000 people search Forkliftaction each day. You can be sure that regular enquiries are being made from your region by people needing your solutions. They will find your company or your competitor’s company. To increase your “luck” a Shopfront in the Forkliftaction Business Directory contains an overview of your unique capabilities, photos and contact details and keyword search engine links that give you 24/7 exposure to all of those enquiries.

  • You will need to capture as much passing trade as possible.
  • You will need to align your brand and location with your manufacturer’s promotions.
  • You will need to remind/inform your customer base of your brand and capabilities occasionally but regularly…and more regularly if competition is stiff in your region.
  • Shopfronts are cheap and I can help getting yours designed attractively. A design is at no cost and designs can be updated and changed regularly, again at no cost.
  • Media Releases are quite powerful but they do take some effort on your behalf to create… repetition is good.
  • Banners (horizontal) and Skyscraper Banners (vertical) are very powerful for promoting your brand & products. They are not expensive to make and can be used time and again… repetition and different designs are good. They are easy to manage and take no effort from you after design approval.
  • Banners and Media Releases reduce in price when purchased in multiples. You decide the budget and frequency of use.
  • New Alliances. Perhaps you do not take trade-ins and want to ensure that used machines do not circulate again within your region. I can help set up new alliances with used dealer specialists around the world.

Used Machine Dealers – New Customers, New Alliances, New Buying Options

Forkliftaction’s Marketplace has been replaced by a new ultra modern platform called “Machinery-onQ” 

Listing your used machines on Machinery-onQ is easy, cheap and listing can be automated. A package also includes a free Shopfront that gives you 24/7 exposure to promote your company and increase hits on your website (I would expect the Shopfront, alone, will drag at least 800 potential new customers to your website each year).

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