It always seems to me that things published in 3rd party arenas have a power that is hard to equal in-house.

Managing change or even just keeping harmony  within the workplace or community grows more difficult with the proliferation of desk top and hand held means that we all have to spread discontent and discord.

It seems to me that when we see disharmony in a company we also cannot find proactive promotion of the company.

The most harmonious looking companies can generally be found advocating the achievements of their staff. Look further and I see those same companies using third party resources to expose their doctrine, products, plans, awards, benevolence etc. I see them amongst other leading companies in prestigious publications and surrounds.

These companies have taken away, or greatly reduced the potential for contention. The goodwill that 3rd party publication can spread has significant power and generally enough to suppress would be spreaders of discontent.

I often think about the poor resources I had to spread my message while I was growing in the warehousing industry. It really helped if I got out in front of my staff and told them where and why we were going somewhere… but the effect of my propaganda was minimal when compared to one small article in the Industry News announcing some good that we had done or that one of my staff was now the Australian Champion Forklift Driver.

The third party acknowledgement was always so powerful.

It is my purpose to help you achieve third party publicity and wider recognition.

Free Training for you and your staff….if you;
1. If you point your technicians to the Forkliftaction Discussion Forums they will have access to the assistance of hundreds of talented engineers from around the world to solve their technical problems. (see Topical in the Forums below)
2. If you point your Driver / Operators to the Forkliftaction News there is a good chance they will be inspired to compete in Forklift driving competitions.
3. If you get all of your staff to sign up for the free weekly Forkliftaction News they will see a worldly perspective of their industry and innovation that inspires.

The news is a technical publication focused on many of the things your staff should know and be thinking about. It is free and also it is an electronic News service, so it is really such a simple training tool to use.

Free resources; Currently free, but soon to be at cost – advertise your job positions available for free. Just go to Jobs and Resumes on the homepage of Or if you are looking for a job go to the same place and post your resume.

What our experts are saying in the Tech Forums; Posted by Jamo on 20th May….”Hello forum. I want to share my experience on a Mazda 2.0 LPG since I got a lot of help from this forum. This engine would seem like it was running out of fuel after a full throttle run but, if you let it idle for a short time, the power would come back “….and there is a lot more info there thank you Jamo.

Tips – from Influencers;
If you have accomplished all that you have planned for yourself, you have not planned enough. – Edward Everett Hale – 1822-1909, Author and Minister

Those who are lifting the world upward and onward are those who encourage more than criticize. – Elizabeth Harrison – 1849-1927, Educator

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