Knowledge, stats, discussions and future thinking in our industry are all a little like this forest.

Lots of trees of knowledge, all with their own agenda, all seeking the sun, and very few of them working together.

..and now, there are new discussions building up in the Forkliftaction Discussion Forums. I commend you to at least follow the discussions and preferably participate in them.

The first topic “Hazards, Incidents and Accidents” has started and people from all levels, in all sectors of the industry have been invited to participate.

These are global topics of concern and I , for one, will be delighted to see people in the industry benefit from the sharing of knowledge, experiences and ideas from around the globe.

The topics will affect us all and will help us all bring new concepts, trends, ideas, products and procedures to our own region….to our own companies.

Come join the discussion.

Click to see The first topic  The “Hazards, Incidents and Accidents” subject starts by asking for stats and regional experiences. Then where will it go, no one knows. But I am thinking it might open to a reality check from people on the ground and those who want new solutions, and…..who knows whom else will get involved or have an opinion? The industry has come a long way. The forklift has come a long way. Accessories, technology and communications have all come a long way. But a lot hasn’t….so let’s see where this takes us. It will be interesting, interactive, and fun.

Hopefully we will get one or several trees of knowledge and a pathway to follow,

PS: If you do not already know how to participate in the discussions or if you want to be advised each time something new is added please just send me an email.

These photos were taken near my home in Brisbane, Australia.

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