Promotion of your Products and Services into Forklift Related Industries

If You want to Promote Your Brand, Product and/or Service to Industries Related to Forklifts you are in the right place, and if you want to reduce waste, lower costs or avoid litigation I can probably lead you to solutions.


Are you looking to showcase your products, services, and brand with impact, so that they are the top choice when change is being considered in boardrooms?

The world is changing; needs have changed, and managers are on high alert, looking for any opportunity to ensure their survival. That’s why it’s more important than ever to confidently present your unique offerings where they can be seen by industry leaders in the “blue chip” area.

While some businesses struggle others thrive. Thriving businesses generally have strong marketing skills, while those struggling either have minimal marketing efforts or their marketing strategies are non- effective.

One thing remains constant: people still need machines, parts, services, rentals, etc.

When changes are seen as necessary, your capabilities need to be already on show. The businesses that stand out with their quality, responsiveness, and customer care will come out on top and decisions will be made quickly.



In my earlier careers, I managed multiple warehouses and vehicle fleets, and then moved on to planning roles in logistics and materials handling. These experiences taught me the importance of finding the best products, solutions, suppliers, and quality in everything, as well as building strong supply chains.

Over the past 23 years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the growth of industry leaders and, at times, help those who have succeeded. I’ve picked up a few tricks and tips along the way.

Now, my focus is on improving the industry by promoting good brands, products, and services. I offer experienced advice and industry knowledge with a reliable and flexible approach. I strive to make promotions easy for my clients and introduce ways to significantly reduce the costs of running a forklift fleet.

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Breaking News and New Thoughts

    • We have all known that it is so valuable to repeat our message often and to keep our branding in front of our target market, but I have never seen it so clearly enunciated as in this article. I hope you find this article from the B2B Institute    “Memory Corrosion…it’s more costly to rebuild brand memory than to keep it going”

      to be quite valuable. The article is below the introductory video.

    • If I was running a company in the MH Industry, I would be encouraging all of my staff to register for the Forkliftaction News…as well as building the knowledge base of your Team;  think how it encourages innovation and focus; builds pride in the work that the MH Industry does and the role your company plays etc
    • Regional and Global News – wherever you are in the world you now get your Regional News, above the Global News…this makes the Regional news a great place to promote your message into a particular region…talk to me, I will show you how powerful this can be. Background Notes….Each Thursday we publish the Global Forkliftaction News.Essentially everyone around the world receives all of the News, but, as an example; if you live in North America you will receive a different version than if you live in Europe, or Australia, or Asia or Middle East or Africa…all of the North American articles will be grouped at the top of the News under the heading “North American News”.Under the “North American News” section is the rest of the “World News”.

      Similarly, if you live in Germany you would receive the “Europe News” and under it the rest of the “World News”.

    • Re-targeting  – When visitors return to the Forkliftaction website they are now reminded of previously opened or clicked on content. If they have shown an interest in your promotion they are now being reminded with a note in the side bar (on desktops) or below the main page content (on smaller screen devices). It’s a quick but effective reminder of your advertisement.
    • Latest Promo for your products… Showcase your company for a year and Showcase your products on Forkliftaction…I have all the details and it is a great deal…so you can’t get to Exhibitions nowadays…so what! …we do it for you.
    • Manufacturers…Did you think about using the Forkliftaction Discussion Forums to extend your customer service programme for free. Combilift do it. They monitor the Forums for any comment about Combilift. As an example this query from South Africa was answered on 20th January by Combilift’s Richard Irwin…think how that must improve your public image.



Save your time, reduce your operating costs!

  • CombiLift Technicians follow Combilift discussions in the Forkliftaction Discussion Forums…they added this piece of advice…” Just in case anyone needs Combilift or Aislemaster Technical support, for this or any other issues any where in the world, you can use this link.
    Link is
    Combilift Technical Support is free to use”.
  • Powerbatt products proven to double the life of your lead acid batteries. Military inspired, NATO approved…see details as well as testimonials and test reports at (for Canada and USA) and for the rest of the world.
  • A guide to keeping maintenance costs to a minimum A Forkliftaction “Your Focus article”.
  • To attract new business… a “no brainer” to get your name and website in front of the 27,000 people who go to Forkliftaction every day. For a very low set up fee for a Shopfront like this...this is good news for small to medium sized companies and there are also low cost upgrades available like this which show your video and target markets.

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Shopfront Bonanza

If you are a regional dealer; a manufacturer of a special widget, a supplier of repair services to your local need a ShopFront and you will recover the very small cost, probably twice or three times over, with your first customer. If you want to draw more...

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Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

H. Jackson Brown Jr


Focus on finding low cost safety solutions!

  • My current focus is on finding simple “why didn’t I think of that” solutions to avoiding the high cost accidental damages associated with forklift and other heavy plant operations in big ticket, highly visible facilities.
    Initial  focus is on solutions for;
    • The chemical, paint, coverings and hazardous product industries … where spillage is a major consideration,
    • Industries which move metal and timber panels … where scratch and dent damage is a critical consideration,
    • Manufacturing industries which handle costly metal and paper rolls… where damage to those rolls are a critical cost consideration, and
    • In factories, postal services and freight centres …where product moves fast,
    • Operations where there is a mix of pedestrian and high activity machinery, and where reducing damage cost and avoiding litigation is a serious concern.

    Fact: On a global basis, the Forklift Industry alone, used to account for approximately 100 incidents resulting in serious injuries and death every day.  I am sure that figure has decreased significantly in the last 20 years. Even if it has halved (which I doubt), there is more to be done and we need to be vigilant. Lucky we have lots of people in the industry focusing on the need.


    Mission Statement:

    My focus is now on convincing the industry to invest in inventive, simple and affordable products and practices which are “game changers” in minimizing the financial loss associated with forklift accidents and in that way, significantly reduce human suffering and lower that frightful 100 persons each day figure.

Forklift under-ride kills…avoid damage, litigation, protect your drivers

BackBone® products in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Latin American countries

Talk to me

Problems with your forklift tynes

Experiencing forklift damage of materials and product … Have a need for special forklift tynes

Talk to me 

With 50 years in and about warehouses…and now I have access to the people who have the capability to solve your problems.

Perhaps I can lead you to solutions.

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Promoting Latin American Business

Shopfront Bonanza

If you are a regional dealer; a manufacturer of a special widget, a supplier of repair services to your local need a ShopFront and you will recover the very small cost, probably twice or three times over, with your first customer. If you want to draw more...

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Got an idea? Then…you might be interested to know that at least 3,666 Design Engineers from many significant OEMs and companies across the industry have signed themselves up to get the Forkliftaction News each week. I thought you may be interested in that fact because...

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Who Is in the Forklift Industry

If you want to find out about companies in the Forklift or Materials Handling Industries go to the website and Step One… the orange bar, type in the company name. Step two, click for news stories, articles, company overview, contact links...
Rodger Lamb

Rodger Lamb

Forklift Industry Consultant

In past lives I was an Army logistician / warehouse / fleet Manager. I retired from the Army in 1989 and then worked as a logistician (VP Supply) for Helitech (Bell Helicopter in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea). For a brief time, I was the owner of a factory and retail shop but was attracted to the creativity of the inventions industry, developing systems for analysing business plans to take new products to market, but needed more…

As a contractor/consultant, I have now been growing with for 20 years. Initially, I helped as their research manager and then moved into a Sales Management role building a client base in many world regions. My focus has been applying proven advertising and marketing technology to the industry for companies who want to grow and move forward. Perhaps I can help you spread your promotional messages…

My sports used to be hockey, squash, tennis and ocean sailing but now you are more likely to find me on my bicycles, playing my guitars  or with a fishing rod in my hand…or driving my 1974 Holden Monaro LS

“I know that we can get your brand and your unique products discussed in Boardrooms all around the world.

Photos for Discussion

Ask me about the bike or the cars

I was recently asked about my Favourite moments at Forkliftaction. I wrote;

I  had 4 fantastic careers, two of which (23 years in the Australian Army and then 8 years with Bell Helicopter) allowed me to work with high class products and talented people. After the other two short careers, I promised myself always to work with a quality product, quality people and a purpose that I enjoyed…my work was to be my hobby. My home office was to be my resort.

I took on a three week research assignment for Forkliftaction in 2000 and it turned into a 20 year commitment and my fifth career… an Odyssey.

I had again found a quality product with a highly valuable purpose and good people to work with and then I stayed because of the challenge. Building a News service is a challenge and selling advertising across the globe is one of the hardest challenges I can think of.

What are my favourite times? I always loved jigsaws and I think the research part for the first 18 months was the best time for me…24/7 for 18 months, isolated in my home office focused on building a database. In that time, it felt that I talked to every person in the world who had ever seen a forklift.

Then I moved from Research to Building a client base. The biggest challenge came with chasing advertising dollars to support our small team during the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) when our Team of 19 was reduced to a Team of 5.

The Fun times came with travel, many times across the globe to CeMAT in Hanover; to NEC in Columbia Ohio with Damian Tomlinson and Joe Bretherton; Promat in Chicago; IMHX in the UK and particularly to the first CeMAT in Shanghai with Patrick Chin…and each time I would leave the exhibitions enthused with the opportunities created and the people I met …and I learned to take a break after these trips, I would travel solo to different parts of the world to visit factories, meet interesting people and seek some rest in places of interest…Sweden, London, Croatia, Muchu Pichu Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada, Hong Kong etc

The Lifestyle reward came through the challenge and enjoyment of working from my well equipped home office learning to use the best electronic devices and strategising promotions and brand building through the night across different time zones, with wonderful focused and savvy people who often used different languages and had many different business models. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be challenged in such a way.

The interview went on: Looking back, what do you think has most powered your professional growth in your career so far? Or put another way what have you learned about growth that might inspire others:

Wow. I am only 71 and am still learning, so am not really in a position to be giving such advice…but let me start with some developing thoughts I am working on;

I was given these three business ideals by my friend, business tycoon Richard Pratt (RIP) of Visy Board recycling fame;

  1. Look after your best people
  2. Look after your best clients
  3. Collect your money

I certainly relate to these ideals but personally I am working on: 

  •  Only ever work with quality products, people and purpose
  • Seek challenge. When you find it remember you can do anything you put your mind to,
  • Learn to say “No” but say “Yes Please” 99 times to every time you say No,
  • Multiple streams of income is good,
  • Make your home your holiday resort….and
  • It is the journey and the trying that bring happiness

 For good measure my Grandfather said to me “Lad there is nothing better than to sit in the shade of an apple tree after a hard days work”.


Rodger Lamb

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