The Tuesday Marketplace update email goes out to about 12,000 people (dealers and buyers) who have personally asked to receive the emails showing the newly added stock to Marketplace.

Not only does it put your machines in front of 12,000 enthusiastic buyers but it is a way of repeatedly reminding buyers that you and your company are leaders of the industry. Repetition is such a powerful tool. Each week, your company is in front of them. Every now and then, we give you a free banner in the mailing.

When you list your machines on Marketplace you get a number of extra benefits;

  • You get to see wholesale prices (this is our way of ensuring only bona fide Dealers get wholesale prices),
  • You get machine wanted requests (immediately as submitted by customers) within a profile of machine types that you select,
  • You get clearance offers,
  • Your company gets a free basic Shopfront which works in other ways to bring traffic to your website,
  • Your Banner or logo are placed occasionally in the Forkliftaction News and or the Marketplace update email.

Example:- on a rotation basis client companies get a free promotion in the Forkliftaction News which goes out to 62,000 email addresses.

I guess that is a way of saying that we do everything possible to help you expand and promote your business, besides just listing your machines. We also consider every machine you list as an advertisement for your company. That is why we want you to list all of your machines. We try to make each listing attractive and we rotate your featured listings (you nominate special or attractive machines) on the homepage. See example below;

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