If you are a regional dealer; a manufacturer of a special widget, a supplier of repair services to your local area….you need one of these and you will recover the very small cost, probably twice or three times over, with your first customer.

If you want to draw more Material Handling Industry people to your website…you need one of these.

Forkliftaction is conscious that it is mostly seen in a global context and is emphasising its growth of regional readership (27,000 people every day), so they want to to ramp up the number of regional Shopfronts…the offer is only to the first 500 customers.

They offer a special 65% discount …..that is way below setup cost and the price will never be repeated.

Here is why they are so valuable….See my short video “Shopfronts – every company should have one”
See also the videos showing stats in your region… Look for the Readership Stats videos on this page.

Regional ShopFront at the intro price of  €170 £150  CAD$250 for 12 months.

Current Regional ShopFronts on Forkliftaction, some examples:

Sinopoly Battery International  (OEM of batteries, Hong Kong)
IPO Lifts (OEM, Bulgaria)
Trainix (Forklift training- Australia)
Vetter – (Fork Tyne manufacturer, Germany
Starke (Dealership network, Canada)

Interested in adding even more value to your ShopFront campaign at an equally discounted price? I recommend this upgraded Shopfront, you will not be disappointed at its power to bring business your way.  Add a video and target market map facility to your Regional ShopFront, See an example of an upgraded Shopfront; “SumoGlove – Manufacturer , UK” 
Intro price for the first 12 months is   €300 £270  CAD$450


·         Upgrade to a Premium Shopfront, which gives you additional features such as multiple videos and a share in a constantly rotating banner on the Forkliftaction Homepage

If you want to draw more Material Handling Industry people to your website…you need one of these.




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