Forkliftaction does not sell forklifts.

But they do have a massive website which you can search for used machines and attachments and any other forklift related info you may need.

I just did a quick search on the Marketplace and found these 94 Taylor machines;

It certainly is the world’s very best used forklift site for large and all terrain machines, because it not only attracts enquiries from search engines but it is the only platform that has built a very strong global readership through its own News and website. Forkliftaction has its own audience and has grown very strong in the ports and intermodal sectors of the industry.

In fact, again because it brings its own audience the website is probably also the best to find any sized machine. There are other platforms in the smaller forklift sector (attracting search engine enquiries) so the Forkliftaction dominance is not so visible.

So to do a search yourself go to click on Marketplace, do a quick search etc. If you don’t find what you want, then make up a “Machine Wanted” request and that will be sent to about 12,000 dealers next Tuesday. If you want to see wholesale pricing you need to list your own machines on the Forkliftaction Marketplace and I can give you prices….it is very inexpensive.

Free Training ideas;
1. If you point your technicians to the Forkliftaction Discussion Forums they will have access to the assistance of hundreds of talented engineers from around the world to solve their technical problems.
2. If you point your Driver / Operators to the Safety and Training Forum and if you also get them to sign up for the free Forkliftaction News there is a column from a Safety expert nearly every week .
3. If you get all of your staff to sign up for the free weekly Forkliftaction News they will get a worldly perspective of their industry and get motivated by the innovation of others.

The news is a technical publication focused on many of the things your staff should know and be thinking about. It is free and also it is an electronic News service, so it is really such a simple training tool to use.

Interesting people we meet:
I have just caught up with Jeff Brackett. He writes;
….”Yes I have retired now and am still living in Miami and looking at other options in the industry …………after  41 years of forklift truck sales, service and marketing experience in Latin America. I worked for Clark, Kalmar and finishing up with 15 years at Crown.  I have lived in Peru, Venezuela and Brazil and travelled extensively throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Over the years I have developed some proficiency in material handling equipment related translations — primarily English-Spanish and some Portuguese-English.

I always enjoyed Forkliftaction articles especially those written from time-to-time by Rodolfo Slobotzky.

Best Regards

Jeff Brackett”

What are our experts saying in the Technical Forums;

Posted by Mercanyin on 27th May….” You can store batteries, just charge them and top off the electrolyte before you stash them up.  Then just hit them with the charger once a month for refresh charge.  Once you hit the year mark on stored batteries you should run them down at their 6 hour rate, then charge and equalize, top off elecrolyte.  They can then be stored again for another year with the monthly refresh charge. ”
Posted by Jamo on 20th May….”Hello forum. I want to share my experience on a Mazda 2.0 LPG since I got a lot of help from this forum. This engine would seem like it was running out of fuel after a full throttle run but, if you let it idle for a short time, the power would come back “….and there is a lot more info there thank you Jamo.
Posted by Kent w on 28th May….Forklift serial numbers can be found…..”CLARK. stamped on side of frame just under foot rest.     HYSTER. stamped on top right side where counterweght meets frame. YALE.stamped on top right hand footrest{misa. other}. A/ right hand footrest.[misa. other] BAKER.located to left of drivers compartment on the frame. CAT/TOWMOTER.on frame above right front wheel. CROWN.on frame[misa. locations] PETTIBONE.electric left hand side of dash. gas.right side of frame. RAYMOND.inside power compartment under controller. WHITE.stamped on side of frame,on top near engine fan NISSAN/DATSON.stamped on side of frame just under footrest’/CPHO2 behind hyd.cap. KOMATSU.on side of frame. T C M .on side of frame or top of main frame next to engine compartment; MITSUBISHI.stamped on various parts of chassis. TOYOTA.stamped on top or left or right side of frame.”…. thank you Kent w.   Posted by Swoop223 on 20th May….”you can lift directly under the frame of the truck as far to the front and rear as possible, use a stabilizer strap to the mast. you DO NOT want to strap anything to the overhead guard or mast or tilt cylinders directly as any lifting load bearing points. The main portion of the load should be held by the straps on the frame part of the load.”….thank you Swoop223.
Posted by Raytech on 28th May….”Its spring loaded, back off springs to lower caster. On any Reach, if caster is too low, you have a spinning drive tire, even if its new. Very important adjustment. On old model 20’s, the adjuster may not move. A rebuilt caster is best bet if seized.”….thank you Raytech.


Free resources;
1.Currently free, but soon to be at cost – advertise your job positions available for free.
Just go to Jobs and Resumes on the homepage of Or if you are looking for a job go to the same place and post your resume.
2.LinkedIn has a cool resource where you can use your LinkedIn profile as a Resume.

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