In my everyday work I talk to people from all around the world, so I get to know that many of us would very much like to make our Forklift Industry more efficient; where it is safer for our workers and where it is easier for hard working business people to profit from their endeavours.

You work in the Forklift Industry. Would you like to make a difference to the industry you will, one day leave behind?

Will you join me and our group of like-minded individuals and companies in a purposeful venture?

Here is the purposeful venture…….

A venture to reduce harm to people and a venture to reduce the cost of facility and product damage. It is also a venture to raise funds in support of those whose lives have been devastated by Forklift accidents.

We know that “you don’t walk away from a forklift accident”

Forklift accidents kill and maim many people around the world daily. The real figures are hidden but it is likely to be about 100 people per day…we know that the figure is x in the UK only. If you want to confirm the reality, nearly every week, one or more, close to home, is reported in the News.

The real human cost count is quite large and includes, not only those killed or maimed, but also the devastation of families who are left to pick up the pieces; the support infrastructure that is needed, the costs of medical support, the downtime suffered. Add to that the product loss and damage to facilities and on top of that the litigation consequences etc

As well as the “Duty of Care” it is financially prudent to avoid accidents in the workplace. The people I talk to, agree that we cannot keep acknowledging the need and not address the problem. With the technology of this age it would be outrageous not to act. We feel that it is time to make a change and invite you to join us and make this “your venture”.

The need

There is much to do, but in the first instance…..

Forklifts need to be made safer. We need;

  1. to lessen the damage that forklift tynes cause.
  2. to make it easier for operators to see beyond their loads and
  3. to eliminate the cause of pulling loads down upon the operators.

At the same time we also need an industry culture change where safe operation of forklifts is the paramount consideration, in our every working moment thoughts and culture at all levels of our industry….much like the growing culture in developed countries for safe roads and safe speeds.

Our people need to know that there is a high and enforced cost for failure to equip, failure to act, failure to lead, failure to train, failure to look and act responsibility. There is a responsibility at every level to make it mandatory to live to these obligations.

Our Plan – The Venture

The Founders of this venture are Simon Ross and myself, Rodger Lamb. We have gathered a group of dedicated and influential people together to offer realistic and affordable solutions which will significantly improve the safety of forklifts. We have named these products, the “Safe Fork Range of products” and have established inventory of these “Safe Fork” products in strategically located warehouses for Third Party Logistics, Internet Fulfillment. The “Safe Fork” Range includes;

  1. The SumoGlove,  See Video 1 and See video 2
  2. The SafeFork range in association with Vetter
  3. The Sumo SafeLevel, See video
  4. The SafeMirror in association with Bolo, See videos

We are now growing a Consultants Group and offer an opportunity for consultants and retirees using their industry knowledge to earn a good part time income without the need to hold inventory or take risks. We invite you to join this group and influence people in your region to purchase the “Safe Fork Range” products. You would place orders on our manufacturers and receive a handsome recompense when Third Party Logistics delivery is activated and payment has been received.

We are looking also for respected consultants (perhaps industry elders) who know and can influence the game players in their region. We are asking this group to influence governments, authorities, insurance companies and industry associations to do more than they do at present. We ask Forklift Trainers to keep doing what you do so well, but endorse our venture and insist that this cultural change is timely. We ask Forklift competition (Rodeo) organizers to insist that competition forklifts are fitted with the “Safe Fork” range.

Companies supporting (endorsing) this purposeful venture include SUMO, AMA PR, Virginia Tech, ********

and our vision…..

”One day soon it will be mandatory for every forklift to be fitted with the “Safe Fork Range” products”

The bright yellow SUMO Glove is our flagship icon. It is “The catalyst for change”…the bright yellow SUMO Glove sends out a constant , ever present message that forklifts are dangerous …forklifts need to be seen and operators need to respect the dangers and see beyond  their load.

A Foundation is being setup to help support families who have been forced to care for the children who have lost a parent or the people maimed by forklift accidents…£10 will be donated to this Foundation after the sale of each pair of SUMO Gloves.

Please consider support for this purposeful venture and reach out to me for more information.





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