Profit in Forklift Related Industries

If You Want to Promote Your Brand, Product and/or Service to Industries Related to Forklifts, You Are in the Right Place.


If you need experienced advice, industry knowledge and reliable, flexible guidance that will reduce your hassles and ongoing work and make promotions just happen for you….I can provide that.

To get Decision Makers to have your company in mind, at the time when they discuss the solutions they need is my offer.

I will personally help you present your products, services and brand with impact, so that they are the number one consideration in boardrooms when decisions for change are being considered.

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Breaking News

  • Wooden Pallets. See the staggering figures showing the damage replacement figures in this article about the SUMO Glove
  • A great new movie film worth seeing. Ali’s Wedding an Australian production now hitting the big screen. Director Jeffrey Walker. Editor Geoff Lamb.
  • Have a look at the fantastic machine that Hubtex have just advertised. While we cannot all achieve a video of this calibre, there is a lot for all of us to learn about making the most of video to promote our products.
  • The new website will launch in July, replacing the current Marketplace, which has connected buyers and sellers of used forklifts and related equipment since 2004.
  • Gebrueder Frei GmbH now have a Shopfront on Forkliftaction. See the cool controls they manufacture.
  • Best advertising position about to become available. Be quick, these positions seldom become vacant. See this short Top Button Advertising video.
  • A major milestone reached… cracks a million hits per day. This is the first time that figure has been reached per day for a whole month (March 2017)
  • New website opens for Forklift enthusiasts: Forklift Museum.

Products which reduce your operating costs!

  • SUMO Glove.US had a great week building their distribution network at Promat recently. Watch this.
  • New Product for Warehouse operators and racking consultants. This new product allows operators to perform maintenance, repair and inspections deep inside rack structures. See article

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Editorial Features 2017

This article updated at 30 March 2017 Feature editions for 2017: Here are the topics and a general indication of what the editorial features will cover in the remainder of 2017. This year is focused on the Forklift….looking at the global manufacture, design,...

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It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.

Paulo Coelho


Current Stats for Forkliftaction


Hits per Day
(31.4 Million in March)


Page Views per Day
(20.1 Million in March)


Visits per Day
(875,987 in March)


Unique Visits per Day
(217,508 in March)

Forkliftaction has a weekly News Service that gets into many thousands of boardrooms around the world.

About 40% of the News readership are “end users” who run intermodal facilities, timber yards, factories and warehouses etc. It includes 5,500 manufacturing companies and 380 of those are dedicated Forklift manufacturing plants around the world. The other 5,120 manufacturing companies include manufacturers of every conceivable part, component, attachment or support system for the forklift industry.

You have an announcement. Squeeze every last drop out of it for your promotions.

Short version "Good News" suitable to promote your products and companies is hard  to find. When the opportunity is there, the PR story line needs to get to the real decision makers in your target market and also to the persons who advise the decision makers; It has...
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A New Forest of Discussions Is Growing

Knowledge, stats, discussions and future thinking in our industry are all a little like this forest. Lots of trees of knowledge, all with their own agenda, all seeking the sun, and very few of them working together. ..and now, there are new discussions building up in...
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I use this page to show client photos

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Editorial Features 2017

This article updated at 30 March 2017 Feature editions for 2017: Here are the topics and a general indication of what the editorial features will cover in the remainder of 2017. This year is focused on the Forklift….looking at the global manufacture, design,...
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Knowing Who Reads Forkliftaction Will Increase Your Company Wealth and Health

This article updated 14 April 2017 Short Version – Summary Those who read Forkliftaction include decision makers and influencers from your target clients and your suppliers. It is also read by your competitors and your own staff and this is very valuable to you (see...
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Some Stats and a Simple Plan

This article updated  30 March 2017 (some figures are now higher than shown but are still indicatively correct)  Fact: At February 2017 Forkliftaction has a focused global registered readership of 67,385 +. Readership coverage: Your Media  Release (See examples at...
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Put Your Idea or Capability in Front of the OEMs

Got an idea? Then…you might be interested to know that at least 3,666 Design Engineers from many significant OEMs and companies across the industry have signed themselves up to get the Forkliftaction News each week. I thought you may be interested in that fact because...
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Focus on Eastern Europe

This article was updated 14th April 2017 We hear about investment in new manufacturing capabilities in countries like Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine so I am keen to help you develop your part of “Eastern Europe Manufacturing”. Many companies from East Europe have...
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Why Should I List My Used Machines on Marketplace?

The Tuesday Marketplace update email goes out to about 12,000 people (dealers and buyers) who have personally asked to receive the emails showing the newly added stock to Marketplace. Not only does it put your machines in front of 12,000 enthusiastic buyers but it is...
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What’s Going on, Where Forklifts Are?

A US Airforce forklift delivering cargo to a C-17 Globemaster III Planning for the next major editorial Feature editorial features:Coming up in 2016: SIDE LOADERS: February CONTAINER HANDLING: April LEAN WAREHOUSING: September ATTACHMENTS: November...
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How to Search for Used Forklifts and Attachments

Forkliftaction does not sell forklifts. But they do have a massive website which you can search for used machines and attachments and any other forklift related info you may need. I just did a quick search on the Marketplace and found these 94...
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Change Management – 3rd Party Publication

It always seems to me that things published in 3rd party arenas have a power that is hard to equal in-house. Managing change or even just keeping harmony  within the workplace or community grows more difficult with the proliferation of desk top and hand held means...
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What’s in a Click?

How do you measure success when you send your message out to the world? Here are some thoughts from my guest contributor, Ann Hofmans; Far too often online advertisements and channels are judged merely on their performance in clicks. Clicks however reveal only part of...
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Forklift Rodeos – More Than You Think….They Are Good ROI

Many people have responded to my recent mailings and told me of Rodeos around the world – USA, Germany, Chile, Russia, UK, India…write to me please and tell me what is happening in your country. Apart from being exciting, Forklift Rodeos can return a lot of benefits...
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Let’s Listen to the Stats – Interpretations and What Is Most Valuable

See our interpretation of Stats terminology below, but first note, we are really aiming for something more than the stats and numbers of clicks. The real impact of good advertising and marketing is in the subliminal exposure that your advertising creates. The impact...
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Scammers Love Used Machine Dealers?

Do you get internet scammers? In our industry it appears that most internet scammers focus on the used machine sales sector. Common ploy is to transfer surplus fake money and get you to send the machine or get you to refund in real money. Very unpleasant...
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How Efficiently Does Your PR Reach Your Target Market? How Energetic Is Your PR Machine?

This post updated at 17 April 2017. Some larger companies with a lot of "fingers in a lot of pies" have invested in an energetic PR machine. Most companies do not have that financial luxury to support a PR Team and for many, the opportunity to create good PR stories...
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Features on Different Industry Sectors?… an Investment in Our Industry

Why are Feature Articles so valuable to you and to the industry? Firstly they get a read rate of 6 to 8 times higher than normal articles. Secondly, information and ideas are intrinsic to good business planning and industry growth. 15 years ago when I started with...
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Who Is in the Forklift Industry

If you want to find out about companies in the Forklift or Materials Handling Industries go to the website and Step One… the orange bar, type in the company name. Step two, click for news stories, articles, company overview, contact links...
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Rodger Lamb

Rodger Lamb

Forklift Industry Consultant

In past lives I was an Army logistician / warehouse / fleet Manager. I retired from the Army in 1989 and then worked as a logistician (VP Supply) for Helitech (Bell Helicopter in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea). For a brief time, I was the owner of a factory and retail shop but was attracted to the creativity of the inventions industry, developing systems for analysing business plans to take new products to market, but needed more…

As a contractor/consultant, I have now been growing with for 16 years. Initially, I helped as their research manager and then moved into a Sales Management role building a client base in many world regions. My focus is applying proven advertising and marketing technology to the industry for companies who want to grow and move forward. Perhaps I can help you spread your promotional messages…

Passions: My current “baby” is trying to kick-start global discussions into some philosophical concerns that affect our industries. I think there is so much value for everyone to share experiences from their own region and in Forkliftaction, we have a fantastic resource where people from all levels, occupations and sectors of our industry can have an online chat and share their experiences over a cup of coffee, on their own time zone. Join us , I guarantee that there are some ideas and hints to make your company, our industry and our world a better place.

My sports used to be hockey, squash, tennis and ocean sailing but now you are more likely to find me on my bicycles, playing my guitars (latest acquisition is a beautiful UK-made Tanglewood acoustic parlour guitar) or with a fishing rod in my hand.

“I know that we can get your brand and your unique products discussed in Boardrooms all around the world.

I am confident because already provides access to the very widest cross-section of decision makers, as well as to the end users in the industries that serve to create, maintain, deliver and use forklifts. Effectively we have the ability to demonstrate the best of your products and services to manufacturing industries and to nearly all supply and consumption industries, internationally.

The main formula that I use is quite simple, and it does work.  I try to;

Explain the advantages and unique qualities of your product or service, and ensure that we develop a good reputation for your brand.


Because every time a new solution is needed the decision maker will seek advice from the technicians and users. If those technicians and users can describe the advantages and uniqueness of your solution and if they have a feeling for the quality of your brand, the decision is made and you have a new customer.

I know like the back of my hand and have been in Material handling Industries for 40 years. I am a consultant and contractor to Forkliftaction.

Using this website, I highlight good promotions that others have done and lead you to opportunities that are coming soon. My focus is on resources that are available to manage your people and your business (many are free) and what works and what does not work when advertising and marketing to the Materials Handling Industries.”